Your approach to training was such an eye opener for me, and a God send to us, and of course now, Maddy.

Dear Jeff,

I am an active 72 year old retiree who has wanted a dog for many years, since I was a boy, actually. My wife Jo was a cat lady and we have, as a result, had cats for many years. After losing one named Coco last year at 20 years old, I broached the subject of getting a dog with my wife and the she sort of agreed. I will add that we currently have an 18 lb 10 year old Main Coon named Oscar, who was our son’s as a kitten when our son tragically passed away. So, needless to say, we treasure Oscar and spoil him (thus the 18 lbs).

Because we live in a suburb of Milwaukee in a wonderful house with a large yard, and because many of our neighbors have dogs, Jo finally agreed in mid December to begin the process of finding just the right one. As we are older, we decided not to get a puppy, so we went both on line to search adoption options and then to multiple Humane Society locations. And boy did we ever find the perfect dog we have named, Maddy. We knew the moment we saw her and interacted with her that she was the perfect fit for our little family, which I should add, includes my 97 year old mother who has lived with us for 30 years.

Maddy is what they described as a Carolina Mix, with prominent Lab features, 39 lbs, short haired with the look of a Dingo, of all breeds. She is beautiful, smart and very loving. She immediately submitted to Oscar and they amazingly play and sleep together, which showed us from the start that she would fit in perfectly, if we would do the right things to train her properly. And this is what I wanted to do, right from the jump.

And this is where you and your You Tube videos came in, Jeff.

The very first day, I got on line and Googled dog training and happened across your video of you in the park introducing dogs to the prong collar. I was so impressed by your matter of fact yet impassioned approach that I subscribed to your channel and have since intently watched hours of them. And boy am I so glad I found you, Jeff.

Your approach to training was such an eye opener for me, and a God send to us, and of course now, Maddy.

The structured walk 3 times a day for the first 2 months not only calmed the entire training process, I actually lost 13 lbs, which is great for a guy with a new pace maker. My doctor and my wife are thrilled, as am I.
That process led to Maddy going to and remaining in her “place” without complaint after only 2 times, she then kenneled up on command. And she does both, off leash, every time, and stays there until told. Amazing.

I then got the E collar and introduced her to it this week, and she took to it with the same success, in ONE session. Again, amazing. In fact, the neighbor came over Saturday while she was outside with me in the yard and Maddy was completely under control. Then the next door lady came over with her pit bull Rue AND my wife’s cousin showed up with his female Curry, who played with Maddy for over an hour. They never left our yard while running wildly after each other, yet every single time I thought there would be a problem, I’d press the button, say her name and then say here, and she’d come to me and sit. Utterly amazing.

I’ve yet to have to raise my voice towards Maddy (or even come close to lose my cool), thanks to your video counsel, Jeff. It has changed me for the better. Maddy looks up at me with love and obedience, which is what I always have wanted when I finally was able to get a dog again.

I’ll shut up and please excuse this lengthy email. But I had to let you know what impact you have had on both me, our dog and our family.

Thank from the bottom of my heart,

Gary (& Jo)