Your free videos have saved us!

Hi jeff
just wanted to thank you for the awesome video’s 👍we have a year old rottweiler and a massive garden in the countryside.she would never listen ,run off after pheasants or anything that moved,jump up we had to take her everywhere on a long lead in our big garden,that would result in constant pulling and ended up pulling my 75 year old mother I finally decided to get a e collar just for recall.its been amazing,I’ve not used the lead in the garden for 2 weeks now.she can go after pheasants or do whatever she wants,but when I want her back to me,she comes,it’s amazing.the dog gets so much freedom she loves it.
Also got a prong collar now,stopped her jumping in 1 go,and walks next to me nearly perfect.
Thx man
You really have saved us👍

John Lloyd