Your Prong Collar article changed our life, thank you….

We just got our 6.5 month old GSD puppy a prong yesterday, as his pulling was causing serious injury to my fiance’s elbows and was almost pulling me over (80lbs of excited young pup is a lot of force!). We trained him on it yesterday afternoon, getting him used to the sensation and teaching him the basics of paying attention to where we’re going at all times.

This afternoon, we took him out for a 4-5 mile walk using the new collar. It took him about 30 minutes to really settle in and understand there would be no more pulling, but after that, it was like walking air. My fiance had the leash suspended across two fingers at one point, and our dog didn’t even notice. He was too busy paying attention to heeling. Any correction required two fingers worth of pressure. Two. Fingers. That’s like…nothing.

Throughout the walk, he continually turned his head to look at whomever had the leash to check in, and we’d always give him heaps of praise for doing so. He also ignored runners, after a couple of corrections, and other walkers. He’s gotten better at not reacting to strange dogs, though that still needs work.

Overall, these collars are amazing. I wish more people would use them. It takes just a little bit of research to put the collar on right and figure out the right amount of pressure to use, but after that, it’s gravy.