Your training videos I have found on YouTube are an absolute Godsend!

Hi, I live in England and I want to say your training video’s I have found on Youtube are an absolute Godsend! I have been at my wits end for 18 months with my German Shepherd Bella who is 18 months old. I can completely relate to your introduction where you said you had tried everything with your dog Max and I myself have thrown money away on various training classes etc. As soon as I saw the video with leash reactive dogs I cried because I had found Bella’s exact behaviour. This has shown me that Bella is not a lost cause and that I can do something about her reactiveness. I am sitting in my living room and my dog is in “Place”. It took me two minutes to teach her and one hour later she has still not moved because I was very careful to follow all of your training instructions. I am amazed! I am so pleased that I have finally managed to make progress after all this time. I know its only small and I have a lot of work to do but because I have finally achieved something it has made me feel confident that I am now after all this time heading in the right direction for a calmer, rewarding relationship with Bella. I now completely understand that my behaviour was exciting Bella and giving her the wrong signals. The only way is up from now and I cant wait to master the walk and her leash reactiveness with and without distractions. Thank you for putting your videos on the internet and I truly feel I have come across the most valuable easy to use training methods…. it feels like a miracle has just happened in my house. Thank you.

Victoria (England)